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What is SchoolCase?
The brainchild of a young South African entrepreneur, SchoolCase is an idea - to change education for the better. Currently in the information gathering stage, We hope to change the balance of communication and put responsibility back into the hands of parents and schools. We believe in kids being kids.

What are we trying to solve?

The lack of communication between parent and teacher is something that is becoming more common, and the student is the person who suffers. A student's education is only truly monitored at the time that exam results are released and at that stage it may be too late to implement the needed changes to improve results. Currently, communication is driven through the student with the use of notes, homework books and verbal messages. The student is given all responsibility and accountability for communication between school and parent.

Parents, in their desire to provide the best for their families, are unable to give the appropriate time and dedication to their child's education and require the correct communication at the best time to step-in and help guide their child correctly.

SchoolCase aims to be the “suitcase of tools” and point of communication between school and parent, bringing back accountability and responsibility to both parent and school.

Some of the key features

Teacher / Parent Communication

Mark / Progress




Keep in more frequent communication with  teachers using a text-based communication system focused around marks and progress.

Get bi-weekly emails and access to a dashboard to review student progress in comparison with various metrics.

Ensure that parents are aware of student attendance in real-time. Ensure student safety and school attendance.







Keep parents aware of events / functions or detention's for student. Events input by school administrators or teachers.

eWallet system to avoid using cash at schools to purchase lunch. Ensure that money is safe and used for the correct purpose.

Email warning system to notify parents if student has failed exams / tests, to ensure that appropriate help is given in time.

What makes us different from other communication services currently available?

SchoolCase, unlike other services available, does not rely simply on one-way information sharing. We believe that effective communication should be more than simply sharing of schedules, events and newsletters. SchoolCase aims to be the provider of crucial information regarding the schooling progress of the student, in real time, to assist both parent and teacher in aiding the student before it is too late. Timeous delivery of appropriate communication is key to our vision and business model.

SchoolCase will be an administrative assistant to teachers and school administrators, offering a single point of communication within the school staff. We aim to be a central database for marks, progress tracking and digital progress report delivery.

We will be the essential communication tool for parents, schools and administrators, offering two way communication and a range of additional features specifically designed to assist in the managing of each individual student's school progress and career.

SchoolCase believes that the student should remain the main focus of communication, and both parent and teacher need to be given the tools to create and maintain that communication.

More about SchoolCase
SchoolCase will also be the central point of marks and progress reporting for parents, having immediate access to the results of tests or exams, and having the ability to leave comments and ask questions directed to the appropriate teacher. The teacher can deliver specific comments based on the results, for the parents’ attention. Conversations that require further input or understanding can be flagged for the principal ’s attention and comment, or a time and place for a one-to-one meeting can be arranged.

We need your help to make this idea into a reality. Your feedback is valuable to us!

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